Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Danielle POV

Emmett and I were sitting in my favorite pizza place and drinking soda before Emmett decided to bring the subject we were avoiding up. “Dude, I can’t believe Edward is being such a dick. She gets enough douchebaggery from that ass-wipe James, she does not need it from him.”

“I know,” I sighed, “I’d dearly love to tell him off some more, but I don’t that will help. I have to warn you though, if he makes her cry again, I will not be able to stop Dean and Jasper from trying to kill him. It’s hard to believe, but Dean is even more over protective of her than Jasper is. My other brother, Sam, is just as bad. The only reason he isn’t here now is that Jessica threatened to kill him if he left school. I haven’t told her yet, but he’s  transferred to Dartmouth for the fall semester. He’s been at Stanford, but he doesn’t like what’s going on.”

“Are you saying they’re not overprotective of you?” Emmett asked with a smile

“Far from it. There is a reason I don’t have a boyfriend. They’ve managed to scare off every guy I’ve ever liked, and most of the ones Jessica tried to bring home. They tried as hard as they could to get rid of James, but he’s a stubborn bastard.
“I’ve noticed. How long before he tries again, do you think?”

“I’m not sure. I think he’ll try to lull her into a false sense of security and then he’ll try to shatter her world. Of course, he has no idea how closely guarded she is now. She doesn’t go anywhere by herself, she’s never home alone and Jasper made her start carrying a gun. Thanks to Dean, she’s got some of the most deadly aim I’ve ever seen. He’d be dead before he ever sees it coming if she decides to shoot him.”

Our pizza arrived finally arrived. Emmett and I had stuck to basic pepperoni. I pulled a slice off the tray and took a bite. I closed my eyes while I chewed, enjoying the taste of it. New York Pizza is like my favorite food. When I opened my eyes, Emmett was staring at me with his pizza halfway to his mouth. “What?” I asked self-consciously.
He shrugged, “Nothing, it just looked like you were really enjoying that.” He shrugged again and took a bite.
“Yes. Yes I was. I love the pizza here. Its perfect, much better than that cardboard crap you guys call pizza out west.”
“You have a point. This definitely doesn’t taste like cardboard. Its very, very good.” He took another bite and we ate mostly in silence after that. The only interruptions came when I asked him to pass me a clean napkin and when he asked me if I wanted more soda.
When we were done, we got a box, left the waitress a generous tip and walked the couple of blocks back to the hotel. It was still early, so Emmett asked me to wait in the lobby while he took the rest of the pizza up to their hotel room. He was back down stairs within ten minutes. “Would the pretty lady care for a walk?” He asked, offering me his elbow.
I giggled and accepted, taking his hand. We were only a few blocks from Rockefeller Center so we headed that way. It was a beautiful July evening and we held hands as we walked, just enjoying each other’s company. We talked about little things like where’d we grown up and I shared what it was like to be an Army Brat. There was something about holding Emmett’s hand that made me feel so special.
When we got to Rockefeller center, we sat on one of the benches next to the skating rink and kept talking.
“Lets play a game!” Emmett said suddenly. “I’ll ask you a question and you have to give me an honest answer and I’ll do the same for you.” He grinned.
“Alright.” I agreed. I liked this idea, it would give me the chance to get to know him without feeling like I was conducting the Spanish Inquisition.
“What’s your favorite color?” He asked me quite seriously.
“Blue. Favorite Movie?” I shot back
“Super Troopers. Who was your first kiss?”
I blushed and he raised an eyebrow. “Its really embarrassing to admit this but Eric Yorkie. We were fourteen and at a party, and it was during a game of truth or dare.” He was laughing so hard that he was crying and I got defensive. “Fine.” I snapped “Who was yours?”
He got quiet really fast. “Her name was Lauren Mallory and I was really, really drunk.” I raised an eyebrow. ‘I was fifteen and she was the school slut. I’m pretty sure that Edward and I are the only guys at school who never slept with her.”
“Eww. Okay, yours is worse than mine. At least I was sober.”
“Yeah, my dad damn near killed me when he found out Said it gave Alice and Edward the wrong ideas.”
I didn’t think that this was going to be the appropriate time to tell him that my older brothers were the ones who gave me my first drink and encouraged me to behave that way. “Its your turn.”
He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it. We were sitting very close to each other, facing one another on the bench. He reached out and put his hand on my cheek before he took a deep breath and leaned over to kiss me. It was just a light brush of his lips at first, then he pressed his lips harder the second time and I parted mine slightly. He took the bait and deepened the kiss, sliding his fingers into my hair. I locked my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer. I jumped a little when he slid his tongue into my mouth but kissed him back enthusiastically, letting my tongue slide along his as he explored the inside of my mouth. It was over all too soon and he pulled back slowly with a few more light kisses.
He pressed his forehead to mine while we caught our breath. “Wow” I whispered when I could do more than gasp. “That was amazing.”
Emmett pulled back and grinned at me. “It was. I hope I get more opportunities to do that in the future.” His grin widened and I saw those devastating dimples. There was no way I could refuse him.
“I think that can be arranged” I quipped, grinning back.
He stood and pulled me to my feet before crushing me in one of his infamous bear hugs. “I think I’d better get you back to the hotel before Dean comes looking for me with a shotgun.” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and he took my hand and led me back to the hotel.
Emmett kissed me again when we got off the elevator. I swear that fireworks were going off, every nerve ending in my body felt like it was on fire. I practically floated into the hotel room. I closed the door and leaned against it. Jess was sitting on the bed, in her pj’s, reading a book. She took one look at me and put it down.
“Spill it. You look like the Cheshire Cat.” She demanded with a smirk.
My grin only widened. I sat down on my bed only to jump up again and change into my pj’s too. When I was comfortable, I sat bounced onto her bed and sat cross legged. “He kissed me!”
“Really? Where? Was it amazing?” She was trying so hard not to laugh at me.
“Yep, in Rockefeller Center and it was more than amazing. A million times better than kissing Eric or kissing Ryan after prom.”
“Wow.” She was outright laughing now. “Better than kissing Ryan huh? And its not hard to out do kissing Eric. Kissing a frog would be better than kissing Eric.”
“Ha-Ha” I deadpanned. “Just because  your first kiss was Sam in the tree house doesn’t mean that you can make fun of me for mine.”
She was still laughing. “I know. You do know that the only reason Jessica Stanley dared you to kiss Eric was to get back at Sam for choosing me over her right?”
“Yeah. It still sucked. I bet I’m the only girl he’s ever kissed”
“Probably. So kissing Emmett was great huh? What else did you guys do tonight?”
“Well, we went out for pizza and Emmett and I decided to go for a walk in Rockefeller Center. He held my hand the whole time. We sat by the ice rink and talked for a while and then he kissed me. All in all it was a fantastic evening. What about you and Dean?”
She sighed. “We went to some greasy 50’s diner and ate. I swear that boys going to have a heart attack if he keeps eating the way he does. I had a turkey sandwich-”
“Wait!” I interrupted her. “You didn’t have a grilled cheese sandwich? You always have grilled cheese! That’s almost a sacrilege.”
“Shut Up!” She threw a pillow at me. ‘ I thought I’d save the grilled cheese for when we get home and can go to the Palm Grill. Anyways, we ate and then we went to Central Park and stopped by the zoo so that I could see the penguins since that always makes me happy. Then we stopped by Central Perk for some coffee and to talk. Dean listened to me rant about Edward and I listened to him talk about Rosalie. I’m not sure that he’s ever going to get over that. Dean thinks Rosalie would have hated Edward, but mostly because she always carried the idea that I would eventually end up with Sam.”
“I know she did. She thought that then we’d almost be one big happy family. Did you ever tell he what actually happened with Sam?”
“Hell no. Telling her that I caught him in bed with Ruby Black would have been the end of Sam and you know it. She always thought we just agreed that we were better off as friends which is what happened a few days later anyways.”
“True. I don’t think Rosalie would have hated Edward. She would have hated his behavior and his attitude, but he seems like underneath the douche bag is a nice guy.”
“I know. That’s what’s keeping me interested. I keep getting glimpses of something amazing underneath the emo douche bag vibe he’s been giving off.” She sighed. “Oh well, if its going to happen, we’ll get there eventually. I’m really, really happy for you though. Emmett seems to make you happy. Even your boneheaded older brother can see that. He’s happy for you too.”
I smiled. She was always trying to bury the things that make her unhappy. It doesn’t work but she’ll figure it out. “Thanks. That means a lot.” I glanced ant the clock. “Om my God Jess. It’s almost one in the morning! We should probably go to bed. Alice is expecting us to be up and ready to go at nine!”
Jess snorted. “She can expect all she wants if she’s cool with me showing up in a ponytail, my Van Halen t-shirt, jeans and my chucks.”
“Sounds you were already planning that. I think I’ll go the same route but wear my Quidditch shirt instead.”
She laughed. “Sounds like a plan. I hope she realizes just how much we hate shopping pretty quickly. Otherwise its going to be a very long day.”
We turned the lights out and crawled into bed. I fell asleep thinking about Emmett.


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