Chapter 9

After my little declaration, Sam went completely silent. In fact, if I hadn’t been a Vampire, I wouldn’t have even been sure he was still breathing. “Good job, Jessica. Way to scare him off twice in less than hour” I silently berated myself. There was a large part of me that wanted to stop walking, and talk to Sam about what I’d just said, but I knew that could be extremely dangerous, to both us and everyone else. People’s lives depended on my ability to get both of us to my room and isolated before I hurt someone.


I forced myself to keep walking, and Sam continued to follow me, still holding my hand, and  completely silent. I tried to take some comfort in the fact that he hadn’t pulled away away from me, or run screaming in the other direction, but I knew I’d scared him, and I felt bad, and I was willing to do anything to fix it. I didn’t think that was the bond talking, but I could be wrong.


After another five minutes of silence, we finally reached the villa, and Sam cleared his throat. “Um, let me go and grab some things from my room, and then we can go to your suite.” he sounded so nervous and vulnerable that all I wanted to do was hug him.


“Of course, I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re ready.” He nodded and started down the hallway towards the east wing. I headed west, to where I knew the kitchen to be. This was likely to be a long afternoon and possibly, night, and I didn’t want him to be hungry or thirsty and stuck in my chambers. I quickly found a tray and began to put together some food. Fresh fruit, some bread and cheese, a jug of wine and one of water. A plate and some linen napkins, and everything was ready to go upstairs, I heard Sam approaching and picked up the tray and turned to meet him.


Sam raised an eyebrow in question when he saw the tray. “So, what’s all this?” he asked, gesturing to me and the tray, leather satchel in hand.  


“I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I grabbed a little bit of everything. I want you to be comfortable, even if you are trapped in a room with me. Besides, I have no doubt that your brother would have no problems attempting to torch me if I failed to take care of you.” I answered as I began walking towards the stairs


Sam let out a deep throaty chuckle. “It’s not Dean you have to worry about, it’s my sister, Danielle. She’s a little protective, and a whole lot scary. I think she’ll like you though. She’s always known we were all destined for Vampires, and that we’d have a long while to wait to meet them, but I think you and she are a lot a like. You’d both do anything to protect your families and you’re devoted to your brother, and she’ll definitely respect that. I could feel you fighting the bond’s attempt to make him unimportant. It made it easier for me to fight it as well. Do you mind that?” He got a little nervous towards the end of this speech and I was quick to reassure him.


“Absolutely not. If my brother is allowed be that important to me, why shouldn’t your siblings be that important to you? Jasper is my twin, and he’s all I’ve had for 500 years, and I don’t know what I’d do without him, but you and your siblings have lived much longer, and therefore, I think that given how strong your bonds to each other are, nothing has the right to override that, not even a mating bond.”


By this time, we had reach my rooms, and Sam reached forward to open the door. “I think, maybe, that’s why we were destined to be mates. Only someone with a strong bond to their sibling could understand the bonds I have with mine. There are people who have lived on Olympus with us for a millennium who do not understand them.”


“Well, it’s been my experience that the people who live here do not venture out very often. They’ve let themselves believe that they are the most important and powerful beings on this planet, and while they are powerful, they are not the only ‘gods’ to walk among us. They’ve become very narrow minded, and while I love being here and most of the people I encounter, our time on this planet has taught us much about how human beings think.”


Sam tilted his head in question and placed his bag on the floor and closed the door. “What do you mean?”


“Well,” I began, moving farther into the room to set the tray down on a table. “We aren’t human beings as much as we would like to pretend we are. You’re an immortal demi-god and I’m a Vampire. We think differently because our lives are so incredibly long. Humans form very deep, meaningful bonds with their loved ones, and they are so intense because their lives are so very short. On the other hand, immortals take a much more relaxed view of it, because when you have forever, you can spend a couple of centuries fighting and not speaking to a sibling, and it doesn’t make much difference. Look at Loki and Thor. Thor treats Loki like he’s useless and worthless most of the time, because they’ve spent centuries together, and thinks nothing of it because he’s got all the time in the world to fix it. That is going to spell disaster for some poor planet someday, because Loki has an ego the size of the moon, and he thinks Thor is the idiot.”


“Have you actually met them?” Sam asked incredulously. “I’ve read about them of course, but I never thought I’d meet someone who actually knows them!”


“Of course I have, we met them after an accident sent us somewhere we didn’t belong, and those two fight like nothing I’ve ever seen before, of course, they fight more with each other than they do with the enemy, but their friends seemed pretty used to it. I suppose Jasper and I grew used to it after a few years as well. We spent several centuries of Asgardian time with them, before we requested the the Allfather send us home, as close to our own time as possible. Those guys have some amazing magical skill, and time travel is one of them. While most people here on earth believe that Jasper and I are just over five hundred years old, we’ve lived a thousand years longer than that, just not here.”


“Wow. Would I have read stories about your adventures with them?”


“You might want to sit down, this conversation could take all night.” I replied, indicating the couch in the middle of the room. “In the Norse legends, Jasper and I are referred to as Lady Sif and Fandral. We are great friends with both brothers, and I may need to visit soon, just to make sure Loki doesn’t attempt to blow up a planet, it has been a couple of centuries since I’ve seen him.”