Chapter 7

I was totally frozen in place. I knew that I was destined to meet my mate this century, but one of the Winchesters? I was sure to be rejected. Once that thought crossed my mind, I turn and ran back the way I’d come, straight into my rooms.

I was terrified. What would happen to me if I was rejected by my mate? Would I waste away into nothing and die? I’d never seen a vampire who was rejected, but the stories you heard were tragic, and the rejected vampire always died in the end, whether they shut themselves down and wasted away over a long period of time, or they lost their minds and had to be destroyed, or they begged someone else to kill them, they always died.

What would happen to Jasper if I died? I hoped he would go on, travel to the Americas and find his mate. I wanted my brother to be happy no matter what happened to me in the future. I wanted the same thing for Carlisle. He was so new to this life, and the loss of his creator would be hard for him, but he had Jasper to help him. I knew what road I was going to take once I got the formal rejection. I would go to a secluded spot in some desert, somewhere Jasper couldn’t find me, and I would take my own life quickly. I knew the ability to control fire would come in handy someday.

I was suddenly hit with a wave of peace so strong, I thought I was going to fall asleep. “Jasper Whitlock! You remove that right now” I tried to scream, but it came out calm and happy, almost bubbly. As suddenly as it came, the emotion receded, leaving my fear and unease in it’s place.

‘What’s wrong with you? You stopped in the garden with a mix of surprise and then shock and finally overwhelming despair- it dropped me to my knees, before I get in here to find you suicidal. You are going to tell me what’s going through your head.” Jasper was practically growling at me by the end. He was scared, so scared that he was losing control over his emotions and it was slipping through to me.

“Jasper,” I whispered, “I found my mate.” I raised my head to look at him. I could see the emotions running across his face, Surprise, joy, shock, confusion, and finally understanding.

“One of the Winchesters?” he asked, pulling me into a hug. “A Winchester, and you’re afraid of being rejected. Is that why you’re feeling suicidal?”

I nodded. “I won’t let myself die slowly. I couldn’t do that to you. To force you to watch me slowly wither away into nothing? I’m not quite that heartless.”

“First, I don’t want to talk about that, ever again. And I do mean ever. You are not going to die. Second, you have no idea what he’s going to do. I’m pretty sure he already knows what you are to each other, since I heard him whisper ‘it’s her’ before you ran off. He may have had the fates read his future, given that he is the son of a god. He was excited, and he was dejected and a little worried when you just ran off.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Worried? Really?”

Jasper nodded. “I think, maybe, we should go back outside. We’ll go slowly, but I am fairly positive he is not going to reject you. He was really excited to see you. I think he’s been waiting for you almost as long as you’ve been waiting for him.”

“Okay, we can go back outside, if we can walk. I need a few more minutes to calm myself down. I have no desire to scare him, but if I can not get my emotions under control, I will.” We stood up and made our way to the door. “I’m am a little surprised that Achilles hasn’t been in here to harass me. He is usually the first person to check on me besides you.”

“I may have told him to stay right where he was, or I would rip his fucking head off. I think I might have been a little over bearing. All I knew was that there was something wrong with you, and I needed to fix it, and I didn’t want a single one of them near you. You are the most important person to me, and while I know that will change for both of us, and sooner than we thought. Your Winchester will take that place for you, and my mate will for me when I meet her, but for right now, you are the person I would do anything, kill anyone for, and I needed to protect you first, fix what I could, and then I will apologize to Achilles and his guests.”

I smothered a laugh. “I suppose I should have been more wary of you when I was warning Achilles not to get me kicked out of Olympus before the end of the decade.” I sobered up quickly though, “Thank you, Jas, for coming to check on me. If you hadn’t come straight up, I might be gone already.”

“There’s no need to thank me; like I said, you’re my twin. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. Now, let’s see which of the famous Winchesters you are destined to be with. We know it’s one of the brother’s. Did you get a good look at them before you ran off?” I shook my head. “Well, you’d better hope the taller one is the one for you. You’re only a handful of inches shorter than the other. Other than that, physically, I think either one is good match. I haven’t talked to either one of them, given the situation. I look forward to figuring this out.”

“Oh, I just bet you do.” By this time, we were back in the garden, over by the lake. I took a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can do this, Jasper.”

“You can. You will be fine. The boys are over there by that tree. Let’s go and introduce ourselves. Achilles has taken Danielle and Carlisle for a tour it seems.” He pulled me into the direction of the tree.

There were two very good looking young men standing by the tree. One, blonde haired, green eyed, and standing about six feet tall held no interest for me. The other, was so very tall, he must have been about six feet, four inches tall, with dark hair and beautiful green eyes. I stopped right in front of him. “Hello, I’m Jessica Whitlock.”

He held his hand out to me. “Hello Jessica, I’m Samuel, son of Poseidon, and I have been waiting for you for over two hundred years.”