Chapter 6

Achilles’ villa on Mount Olympus was absolutely breathtaking. It was surrounded by massive gardens, complete with a small stream, a waterfall and and small lake. I knew immediately that his mother had had a hand in their design. The villa itself was a sprawling two stories with plenty of large windows and more rooms that I’m sure Achilles knew what to do with.

He led us through the gates and we walked up a spiraling path to the front doors, that were made of pure white marble and intricately carved with pictures depicting many of Achilles’ achievements. He pushed the heavy doors, that I’m sure weighed about a tone each, open to reveal a huge foyer with a grand staircase that led to the suites upstairs. He directed us up the stairs. “I will show you to your rooms directly so that you may rest and freshen up before I introduce you to my other guests. Father Zeus has left gifts of new clothing for all three of you. He is anxious to see you Jessica and Jasper again after so many years absence and he will be delighted to meet your new family member as well.” He told us as he led us up the stairs and to the left, where the two wings of the house separated. “Carlisle, your rooms will be this first door on the left, Jasper, as always, your rooms are the first door on the right. We will leave the two of you here, as Jessica’s suite is down the hall, next to mine.”

“Thank you, Achilles. Your hospitality is much appreciated. I will see you both in a couple of hours” Jasper called out as he disappeared into his room.

I pushed Carlisle towards his. “You will be safe here. There will be hot water for a bath and clean clothes in your room. Take the chance to clean up and regain your bearings. Jasper will come for you when it is time for us to go to the great halls” Carlisle nodded and stepped into his room, leaving Achilles and I alone in the hall.

“How long will you and Jasper stay this time?” He questioned, and he continued to hold my arm and lead me down the hall to my rooms.

“A while, I hope.” I answered quietly as he opened the door to my suite and led me inside. “Jasper and I are looking forward for the chance to just be ourselves. No running, no lying, no hiding, no pretending that we are not six hundred years old. Carlisle also needs time to adjust. He is only 4 days old and we apologize in advance for anything he breaks. I will replace it if I can.

“At any rate, we hope to say at least a decade, maybe more. Provided you do not get me thrown out first.”

Achilles’ rich laughter filled the room. “I promise, I will do my best to ensure that you get to stay for as long as you like. You are among Poseidon’s favorites, and you know my mother adores you.”

“Your mother loves me because I continue to save your life. She loves anyone who keeps your sorry behind safe.”

Achilles kissed me on the cheek “I will take my leave now. Enjoy your bath. The new robes and dresses from Zeus are in the bathroom, I think the blue one will match your eyes.” He yelled as he walked out the door, leaving me alone in peace.

I walked into the large bathroom to find a tub already filled with steaming rose water and several soft towels next to it. I sighed and released my hair from it’s bun. It would be nice to wear it down for the next few years. While I do not feel pain or discomfort, having hair that reaches almost to the floor, and on my 5’8” frame, that is quite a distance, up at all times is giant pain. I climbed into the tub and laid back in the water, submerging myself completely. Not having to breathe comes in handy sometimes.

I began to think about the next couple days, as I watched the water move over me. We would of course be meeting the Winchester siblings in short order. I was a little nervous over this. While I personally had not ever done anything to warrant a demi-god led hunting party, I knew there were plenty of monsters out there that had, and the results were not ever in the monster’s favor. I knew we were safe here on Olympus. I had special favor with Zeus and Poseidon given my tendency to save people that mattered to them, like Achilles, on numerous occasions, and I knew that they were each secretly hoping that it was one of their demi-god children would turn out to be my forever mate.

Neither Jasper nor myself had been lucky enough to meet our forever mates, but Zeus had the fates look for us a couple hundred years before and according to the fates, my mate had already been born, was a demi-god, and I would meet them sometime before 1700, which meant sometime this century . Guess I was meeting them while I was here, since we planned to spend most of the rest of the 1600’s here.

Jasper, on the other hand was destined to wait much longer. According to the fates, his mate isn’t destined to be born until after 1900, and in the New World at that. We’d not know what that meant when they’d told us, but the discovery of the Americas in the late 1400s had cleared that up.

I realized that I had wasted too much time in the tub when the water began to cool off, so I sat up and washed my hair and dragged myself out of the tub. Achilles, was, as always, right about the dress. It was a deep royal blue and made my own dark blue eyes stand out, and my golden hair glow.

I sent up a quick thanks to Zeus when the towel I was using dried my hair completely in one use, otherwise I’d be meeting him with wet hair. I got dressed and put on some silver sandals and walked out of my room.

Achilles, Jasper and Carlisle were waiting for me in the hall. “You look magnificent!” Achilles exclaimed, coming over to offer me his arm. “My cousins are waiting for us in the garden, and are excited to meet you. Tales of your bravery are far reaching, and they want to meet the woman who takes on minotaurs, werewolves and all other manner of creatures.”

“You make me sound like some kind of hero. I’m not a hero, I’m usually getting us out of some trouble or other that you have gotten us into.”

“Yes, well, they are still excited to meet you. I think you will get along well with Danielle, she is the youngest, and very much like her father, Apollo. Her older brothers, Dean, Son of Zeus and Samuel, Son of Poseidon, are much fun to be around as well. Dean is looking forward to meeting Jasper, as he hears the Jasper is somewhat of a trickster and Dean loves to play a good trick on others.”

“Well then, by all means, please lead us to the garden. I look forward to meeting the great Winchester siblings!” Jasper exclaimed, running for the door.

He paused at the door and gave me a mischievous look. He wanted to give the Winchesters an entrance they wouldn’t soon forget, and I was all for it. I gave chase, running as fast as my feet would carry me, which is quite fast. I could hear Achilles laughing behind us, his feet pounding as he chased after us, knowing he had no hope of catching us. Carlisle caught on quickly, and was soon at mine and Jasper’s heels.

We reached the stream in the garden in a matter of seconds, laughing the whole way, until I caught the scent of something I’d never encountered before, and it was perfect. The blend of sea spray, vanilla and apples. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at the source of the smell. Standing beside the lake were three people, two men and a young woman. The infamous Winchesters, and one of them was my mate.