Chapter 5

After Carlisle had hunted and we were sure he was in control of himself and his emotions, we retrieved our belongings from the house and began our journey to Greece.


Running at Vampire speed, we made the trek in a little less than 16 hours, stopping once in Austria to hunt, and while we were there, I called in a favor from a Water Sprite I’d saved from a

werewolf about a hundred years before to carry a message to Achilles for us, letting him know that we’d be at his doorstep soon, newborn in tow. Achilles is well liked by almost everyone, not to mention incredibly handsome, with his blond hair, blue eyes and muscles, so she was more than happy to have a reason to visit him.


Achilles, in all of his blond demi-god glory was waiting for us just outside of Thessalonika. He and Jasper immediately clasped arms like brothers before hugging. I smiled, watching Jasper let his guard down, something he rarely did with anyone but me. For all his talk of Achilles being stupid, Jasper thought of the older man as a friend and a brother, and the gods knew they looked enough alike to be brothers. I’d often wondered if we were distantly related to him, but not often because this would have been awkward considering Achilles and I had had a fling sometime in the 1300’s. We’d parted on good terms and remained friends, much to Jasper’s relief. Achilles was the only real friend he had.


Carlisle was standing next to me with his mouth open in awe “Is that who I think it is?” He finally whispered.


I laughed. “Carlisle Cullen, meet Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, Hero and Demi-God.”


Achilled turned at the sound of my voice. “Jessica Whitlock, my favorite Vampire! How are you on this fine day?” He exclaimed, kissing my hand.


I let go of his hand and reached out to hug him, we were way beyond formalities at this point in our lives. “I am much better now that our journey is over and we are here. Achilles, this is Carlisle Cullen. He is a recent addition to our Coven.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you, Carlisle. Any friend of the Whitlocks is a friend of mine. Come, let us go to my home where you can freshen up and change if you wish. I have some family staying at the villa that I think you will enjoy meeting. They are demi-gods, heros and hunters.”


I raised an eyebrow “Hunters?”


Achilles slung an arm around my shoulders. “Do not worry, my friend. Poseidon has already spoken on your behalf, as soon as he and Zeus knew you were coming. You and your coven are not to be harmed and they would never defy their parents that way.”


“Hunters?” Carlisle asked quietly.


“Hunters are people who, for lack of a better word, hunt and kill creatures of darkness, Carlisle. You yourself were a hunter before I turned you. All heroes and demi-gods are hunters by default, its what they were born for, to kill Monsters, but some of them have taken it upon themselves to travel the world and hunt all creatures. If I am not mistaken, I believe the hunters that Achilles speaks of are all siblings, having the same mother, and Gods for fathers. They would be the Sons of Zeus and Poseidon and a Daughter of Apollo.” Achilles nodded in confirmation, listening to me closely. “Do not be afraid Carlisle. Jasper and I are like family to most people on Olympus, and you are a part of our family now. No one will harm you without answering first to me and then to Zeus.”


“Do you know these hunters?” Carlisle asked Jasper.


Jasper chuckled. “No, we have not met them, but they are well known. We just missed meeting them the last time Achilles almost got himself killed. They were on their way to rescue him from a particularly angry Minotaur when Jessica killed it.”


Achilles laughed out loud. “Oh, yes. The Minotaur. That was what, three hundred years ago? What a great adventure that was.”


“Adventure?” I exclaimed with a laugh, “that was not an adventure. That was a nightmare! I’m still not even sure how managed to get into that much trouble. I was gone for less than an hour.”


“Alright, enough,” Jasper cut in, “you two have had this argument many times in the last three centuries, and it always ends the same way. Achilles is a block head and Jessica is stubborn. There, I finished, can we move on now. I’d like to meet the Hunters Achilles has at his home. They are famous. What are they calling themselves this century?”
“The Winchesters.”