Chapter 4

Carlisle’s first day as a Vampire was not an easy one. The first thing he did upon waking and leaping out of bed was pull a wooden stake out of his sleeve and try to stake me through the heart. The look on his face as his stake shattered to pieces was priceless. The look on mine,

according to Jasper, was murderous.


“Do that again, Carlisle Cullen,” I hissed “and I will bury you, burn you and then castrate you! You’ve ruined my favorite gown!”


Carlisle stumbled backwards, clearly shocked by both the fact that I wasn’t dust and that I had threatened to castrate him.


“Listen to me very carefully Carlisle,” Jasper spoke up, sending out waves of calm to keep me from traumatizing Carlisle further, “do you remember what happened to you?”


“Y-yes,” he stuttered. “I was on a hunt for Vampires, and we found the nest, and you both were there, but you are not the ones who attacked me, you killed them.”


“That is very good, you know that we are not the enemy.” Jasper assured him.


“What has happened to me? Am I dead?”


“Well, yes and no. You are undead. Carlisle, to save your life, my sister, Jessica, turned you. You should not have been hurt during your hunt and it was our fault that you were.”


“Trust me Carlisle,” I cut in, “we saved you from being tortured. The nest you and your party had found was extremely uncivilized and planned to torture and then kill you before hanging your body from the church tower for your father to find. It would have killed him as well. Not one of them was willing to surrender to us, and I was forced to destroy them.”


“You killed your own kind?” He asked in wonder, clearly shocked by our behavior.


Jasper chuckled. “They were Vampires, but they were not ‘our kind’.”


“I do not understand. You are Vampires, are you not?”


“Clearly, you have not been properly educated regarding myth and legend Carlisle, let me tell you about the world around you..” Jasper started. We spent the next several hours instructing Carlisle about our world and the creatures and characters that inhabited it. and what our next step was going to be.


He’d fully understood why we needed to leave London for Greece as soon as he hunted, first because no one could see him, and secondly because Newborn Vampires are extremely volatile. I was surprised he’d managed to keeps his senses this long. I wasn’t sure that Jasper and I were up for handling a newborn Vampire on our own, but we’d give it a shot.


Carlisle seemed calm enough, so we decided to turn him loose to hunt in the forest behind out house. We flanked him to make sure he didn’t try to run away on his own, but a Vampire’s first hunt is not something you want to get too close to. Carlisle figured it out pretty quickly, after all hunting is purely instinctual and he had been very relieved to hear that we could not hunt humans since it went against his moral code to do so.
I didn’t even want to think about what his reaction was going to be when we took him to Olympus and introduced him to Zeus. He was probably going to cry.