Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Changes


I managed to keep my teeth in his neck long enough to push my venom into his blood stream, but I was already feeling sick after a couple of seconds. I set him down on the floor and then proceeded to try and purge the blood from my own system, but I felt very weak and knew that I was going to be sick for at least a day, I just hoped that it was going to be worth it.


I looked up at Jasper, who was staring at me with a horrified expression on his face. “What?” I snapped “We could not leave him here to die, not when we should have prevented the injury in the first place and I had the means to save him. I felt a wave of calm settle over me.


“Do not worry little sister, I am not angry, just concerned. I do not wish to see you ill or in pain. You were right to try to save him.”


“I will be fine, Jasper. And do not call me ‘little’. You are scarcely more than two minutes older than me.”


Jasper just grinned at me “Come, Jessica, we must move him, and you, to a safer location. I can not keep these men asleep for much longer and we must learn as much as we can about your newest friend before he wakes.”


“Will you carry him? We must move quickly, before he starts screaming and I do not have the strength to do it myself.”


Jasper picked him up carefully and we moved as quickly as I was able, which was not as fast as we were used to moving, but still quick enough that no humans saw us on our run out of the city. Jasper and I had taken up residence in an abandoned home 30 kilometers outside of London and it was isolated enough that no one should notice that there was someone dying inside.


Jasper laid the boy down on one of the beds in the house, hoping to make him more comfortable as he transitioned from this life to the next. We both knew that the next few days were likely to be the worst days this boy would ever live through. Becoming a Vampire is an extremely painful process. The venom literally burns through your body, devouring every imperfection and turning you to stone. The results were startling. Inhumanly beautiful, incredibly fast, practically indestructible, stronger than the strongest man, and your brain function was amazing. Vampires could focus on 20 things at once and we have perfect recall. However, some do not take well to this life and have to be destroyed. I hoped that this young man would not be one of them.


In an effort to distract myself from the screaming and allow myself time to heal from the blood, I allowed myself to think of the time we had spent with Aro. When Aro changed someone into a Vampire, and they chose to be destroyed, rather than adapt to this life, he made me destroy them, given my ability to simply set them on fire, but I have never enjoyed killing people, even ones that I knew wished to be destroyed and it took its toll on me. Jasper was usually on hand to call both myself and my victim as they burned, but I always cried tearlessly as an innocent person was destroyed because Aro had acted foolishly in changing someone.


I sat like that for hours, relieving memories that I had no real wish to. Jasper finally brought me out of my thoughts several hours later when he returned from his fact finding mission. “His name is Carlisle Cullen, and He is just shy of his 24th year, according to his father, who is, at this moment, organizing a search party to find the creatures that killed his only son. We really should leave England as soon as young Carlisle awakens. We cannot risk being caught, and he definitely cannot be seen by anyone.”


“I agree. But where should we go? I have no desire to return to France, and Italy is definitely out of the question, since Aro and Mracus and Caius have set their home there and we are not exactly on Aro’s list of favorite people.”


Jasper smirked at me. “No, Italy is out. I have no wish to be burned at the stake. We have not been to Greece yet. If we traveled through France quickly and stay out of Italy, we should be able to get there fairly unnoticed. We could visit the Hall of Heroes and Olympus.”


I thought for a moment. “Greece would be lovely. I would like to see Achilles again and not when we are are the run from something that wants to kill us.”


Jasper laughed “Ah yes, Achilles. I believe it was a minotaur last time, was it not? He’d have gotten himself killed that time had you not found him. The man may be an immortal war hero, but you must admit, he is rather stupid sometimes.”


“Stupid, Oh God’s yes!” it was my turn to laugh, “But, he is extremely entertaining. There is never a dull moment with Achilles around. Plus, given that he is currently living on Olympus, we would not have to hide for once, and we might even actually have a little fun!”


We nodded at each other in complete agreement about our next step and then settled in to watch Carlisle’s transformation to Immortality.
Exactly three days after I’d bitten him, Carlisle opened his eyes.