Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Carlisle


Jasper and I left Aro around 1100AD, and we spent the better part of the next 500 years wandering around Europe, making new friends with various creatures and people, learning their stories, and watching the rise and fall of many cultures and civilizations.  

Around 1600, Jasper and I found ourselves back in England. We spent a lot of time traveling around the country side, and London marvelling at the changes that had occured since we’d been changed and forced to leave our homes behind. It was amazing how much could change in 500 years. London had exploded. It was a thriving city now, and it was inhabited by all kinds of interesting creatures.

One night in 1623, Jasper and I were watching the son of the local Anglican pastor prepare to lead a group of his father’s congregation on a hunt. They’d found evidence of an actual nest of normal Vampires, living in the cities tunnels, and the young man was determined to carry out this hunt properly. He was preparing torches and had several swords and knives laid out on a table. You had to admire him, he was thorough. He knew exactly where the nest was, who they’d killed recently, and what he needed to kill them if he got close enough.

Jasper and I left him to his preparations and ran ahead to where the nest was hiding to see if they knew what was coming.  I was horrified to discover that not only did they know that the humans were onto to them, they had decided to trap the hunting party and hang the preacher’s son from the church tower as a message to the city. Jasper and I could not allow that to happen. One, it was much too cruel a fate for any being, and two, it would draw a lot of unnecessary attention to all of the other creatures living in the area – the ones that were doing things, as well as the evil ones, and we could risk that. There has to be balance in the world, and none of these creatures deserved the hunt that would be on if these Vampires succeeded. I had no doubt that Zeus, no matter how much he liked me, would send his best team of hunters to London.

Jasper and I began to formulate a plan for dealing with the Vampires that didn’t involve running into a room and getting ourselves torched. Our first strategy, asking the to leave politely, didn’t work so well, and I was in the process of walling them into the tunnel to seal them in, when the hunting party burst through the door, drawing my attention for a fraction of a second, and that was all it took for the nest’s leader to leap over my fast growing wall and attack the first human that made it through the door.

I have to admit, that I lost my temper at that point, and using the spark from the man’s torch, I set the entire nest on fire, Including the leader once Jasper had pulled him off the poor man. My task finished, I turned to see what Jasper was doing. He had the entire hunting party asleep on the floor, except for the one who’d been attacked.

As I looked at the poor priest’s son, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to our father, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to let him die, so I made a decision that would forever change the dynamic of my family.

I bit him.