Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Facts

Maybe we should start with some facts. We’ve already established that everything you’ve ever had a nightmare or a daydream about is real…but are things always the way they are portrayed? Are we always exactly the way we’ve been described in books?


Fact #1 – My name is Jessica Ann Whitlock-Winchester and I am just under 1000 years old, 995 to be exact. I’m also a Vampire.


Fact #2 – I have a twin brother named Jasper.


Fact #3 – There are two kinds of Vampires in this world.

   There are your standard, stake through the heart, allergic to garlic, turn to dust in the sun, “I vahnt to suck your blood” Vampires, like just about every Vampire you’ve ever read about in a book or seen in a movie.

Then there are the Vampires like me, and my family, the Cullens. Stephenie Meyer was extremely accurate in her descriptions of us. Cold, stone like, venomous, etc. She just never explained to you how we got that way. See, about 30 years before I was turned, an extremely arrogant Vampire named Aro, got on the bad-side of a rather famous, bad tempered pixie and she got more than a little even with him and his brothers. That’s why we sparkle like fucking fairies. Tinkerbell is a creative bitch.  

We are also allergic to Human blood. Aro tried to kill someone very close to Tink and she made sure he’d never eat anyone else. We survive on the blood of animals. We usually try to feed on animals that are over populated and dangerous, but every once in awhile, accidents happen. I was hunting in the forests of France one day and I accidentally killed a doe with a young fawn. His name was Bambi and we all know how that story ends. I haven’t gone near a deer since.

Jasper and I were the first to survive the change into this new breed of Vampire, and it was by far the worst thing I have ever experienced.  Born in 1017, we had just turned 16 in the summer of 1033 when Aro attacked us. Orphaned at 10, when our parents were killed in fire, I was destined to live with Jasper until I died, because no matter how pretty I may have been, I was not marriage material, having nothing to bring to a marriage. Jasper and I had been walking from our farm in northern England to our grandmother’s house, and were caught in the woods. Everyone in our village assumed “The Witch of the Woods” ate us.

Jasper and I stayed with Aro until around 1100 AD, that’s when I grew tired of his quest for power and those Vampires with gifts. Some Vampires have special gifts that make them a little more powerful that others. Both Jasper and I were gifted, as was Aro. Aro can read every thought you’ve ever had with just one touch. Jaspers gift is the ability to feel and manipulate emotions. My gift can be very destructive, if I so choose. I have the ability to manipulate anything in nature. Anything. I try to use it for good, but every once in a while, my temper gets the best of me, and something gets destroyed.

Aro’s obssession with controlling Vampires with gifts eventually drove me over the edge, especially once he discovered that he could not control me or Jasper in the way he wanted. He didn’t even protest when we left. It would be another 800 years before we saw him again, and that wasn’t exactly under the best of circumstances. By then, he and his brothers, Marcus and Caius had set themselves as royalty and tried to rule the Vampire world.


Fact #4 – If the monsters are real, so are the people who hunt us.

One family of Hunters has been at it for centuries – The Winchesters.


Fact #5 – Vampires aren’t the only immortals in this world. The Gods give out immortality as they see fit.


Now that we’ve got the basic facts down, it’s time to begin our story.