What If It Was Real?



Have you ever wondered where the stories come from? What if I told you that almost everything you read in books, or see in the movies or watch on TV was real? Would you believe me?

Vampires, werewolves, hunters, witches, Gods, monsters, demons, Angels, every fairy tale character you’ve ever heard of – they are all real, living, breathing beings. And, we all have stories, stories that we enjoy sharing with people like you. We take turns finding authors to share our stories with and they add their own flavors to our stories and share them with you. Sometimes, they change our names, or our appearances or the facts surrounding certain events to suit their ideas of how things should have ended. Homer was the very first author to meet a mythical being and there have been many since then.

The story contained within these pages is told exactly as I remember it, in order to correct two stories that got so twisted and changed by the writers that those of us who lived it barely recognized it.

You will not believe where we are headed – which stories are about to intersect in ways that you could never have imagined. You will meet characters from many different stories here. Most of us know each other and our stories intertwine all the time as we cross each other’s paths.