Chapter 2

For those of you asking where the name “Hellevi” came from, it’s Old Norse and it means “She Who is Untouched in Battle” and given Hella’s powers and general demeanor, I thought it was a good fit. I know it’s a little weird and off the beaten path, but as the story goes on and more people meet her, you’ll see it less and less as I’ve come to discover that she much prefers Hella.



“Hello Kol.” Those simple words were all she managed to get out before he was in front of her, his hands cradling her face as he gazed at her as if she were the most interesting thing in the world. He seemed to be simply content to stare at her as the minutes dragged on, and Hella found that she was just as content to let him since it gave her the chance to do the same.

Kol, for his part was in a state of shock. He’d dreamed of this moment for centuries, though he had never thought to see on this side of life. This was his mate, his forever love, and the one he’d been denied for seven hundred years. Niklaus had rather cruelly told him in the 1400’s that he’s buried her body so far in the earth that no one would ever find it and then he’d daggered Kol for the second time in their lives.

When he’d been released from his imprisonment some six decades later, Niklaus had warned him to never mention Hella again, viewing Kol’s bond with her a betrayal of their blood. The rift between the brothers grew to a chasm in that moment, and it would be one of the last times Kol would see any of his siblings until his most recent daggering in 1911. Elijah was Kol’s biggest supporter, but with him also being on the outs and on the run from Klaus, the times when they could see each other were few and far between.

The 400 years Kol had spent on the run from his brother had been filled with rage and remorseless mayhem across 3 continents and the body count he had racked up was higher than any of his siblings, leading them to label him a psychopath. Face to face with his wife for the first time in centuries, Kol was forced to confront what he’d become without her. She was his cornerstone, his anchor to his humanity, and without it, he had lost himself in a pain and rage so great that he’d been forced to flip that pesky little switch just to deal with it. The soft touch of her hands on his face brought him back to the present, and firmly flipped his humanity back on.

Hella, seeing the direction Kol’s thoughts were taking in his eyes reached up and laid her own hands on his face, bringing his attention back to her. “Do not do this to yourself, älskad. I have kept watch over you from the other side since we were parted. I have seen your suffering, I have felt it as if it were my own. It is all in the past. You cannot let it cloud our future. We are together now, and I promise you, I will let nothing separate us except death.”

Hearing her voice and feeling her touch proved to be too much for Kol to handle, and he used his grip on her face to roughly pull her closer to him and then he kissed her as if his very life depended on it. There would be time for gentle kisses later, this first kiss was possessive and demanding as he devoured her mouth like the affection starved man he had become. Hella surrendered to him completely, letting him take what he needed from her as she moved her hands from his face to the back of his neck. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, relearning each other with lips and teeth and tongues as they reveled in just close to one another for the first time in so very long. Eventually though, kissing wasn’t enough and Kol pulled back just enough to let them breathe and gave her a questioning look even as he pulled her body impossibly closer to his.

“We had better find a bed and some privacy, darling, before I have to kill one of my brothers for seeing more of you than is proper. I am absolutely starved for you,
mitt livs kärlek, and I think we need to get reacquainted with one another in every sense before we have to see anyone else.” He breathed against her lips before he laid claim to her mouth again, his tongue sweeping along hers with tin a most delicious preview of things to come.

“By all means, Kol, find us a room with a bed, but be warned, it may be quite a while before we leave it.” She volleyed back when she could speak again.

Her laughter was the last thing his siblings heard as Kol swept her up the stairs and into the first bedroom he could find.


I know it’s short, but I’ve been really sick and unfortunately, busy with Math homework, but I wanted to get you guys something before the weekend. There will be a lemon for this chapter, I just haven’t written it yet. You’ll see it when it goes up.  



mitt livs kärlek – Love of my life

Älskad  – beloved