Chapter 1

Abby and Bonnie Bennett worked feverishly to open the sealed coffin that Stefan Salvatore had stolen from Klaus. They believed that it must contain someone capable of killing Klaus and ending all of their worries regarding the Original Family. Their efforts were finally rewarded with a loud crack as the binding spell gave way and the lid opened. Both women were shocked to see a young blonde woman inside with a dagger shoved into her chest. Her clothes were deceptively simple, but gave the clear impression that whoever this was, she’d been in them for centuries.

Abby and Bonnie exchanged startled glances before Bonnie reached down and pulled the dagger free. The effect was instantaneous. The vampire in the coffin drew in a deep breath before opening her eyes and sitting upright.

“Hello Abby, Bonnie. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance. I am Hellevi, but you may call me Hella.” She turned her face towards Bonnie, revealing high cheek bones and vibrant green eyes, a wry smirk playing on her lips. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to destroy my back stabbing brother.” She spoke softly in a lightly accented voice before grabbing the dagger that was still held in Bonnie’s loose grip and flashing out of the cave.

“What just happened?” Bonnie questioned staring at the empty coffin.


The Mikaelson siblings stood staring at one another in complete silence. Having gotten some of their earlier aggression towards their half brother out a few minutes prior, Kol, Rebekah, Finn, and Elijah stood with their backs to the door, facing off with Klaus who was attempting to explain to them his reasons for carting them around in coffins. “Niklaus,” Elijah finally intoned, “enough. You can speak until you are blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that you have double crossed and back stabbed us for the last time. You have brought about your greatest fear – we are all leaving and leaving you behind.”

“Before I go,” Kol began lightly, his deceptively soft tone doing nothing to conceal the fury in his eyes, “you are going to tell me exactly what it is you have done with Hellevi. She’s been in one of your bloody boxes for seven hundred years and I will not leave here without knowing where you have put her.” He began to advance toward Klaus, one step at a time until they were just about nose to nose. “I have very little patience for your games, Niklaus. If you do not tell me where she is, I will kill every single one of your hybrids and turn your precious doppleganger into a vampire before I go on rampage that destroys this whole town. You have thirty seconds.”

“Kol, darling, don’t you know that threats will get you nowhere with Nik? Actions speak so much louder.” Hellevi spoke from the door she’d just walked through. She turned her attention to Klaus as she walked into the room, Elijah stepping out of her way as she passed. “Do you have any idea what I have been through in the last seven centuries, Niklaus? Unlike your siblings, I have not been asleep in my coffin. I have been trapped on the other side with your mother, who still hates me. I had to watch my family destroy itself from the inside out for seven hundred years. Seven hundred years, Niklaus. I have watched you repeatedly betray your siblings, stabbing them with your little daggers every time one of them disagrees with you. You have broken soul bonds and destroyed lives with little regard for anyone but yourself.” She finally stopped, having reached Kol’s side in front of Klaus. “I will not allow this to continue. It is going to take me years to fix what you have done.”

Klaus began to laugh. “And what, pray tell, are you going to do about it little warrior? I am truly immortal. I cannot be killed.”

“Oh Niklaus, who said anything about killing you? I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to torture you. I think 100 years in Kol’s coffin should make for a fine start, don’t you?” Her hand flashed out and the dagger that had been in her chest was firmly planted in his. With her hand on the dagger, Hellevi began to chant under her breath until the grey veins that signified the dagger’s desiccation began to appear on Klaus’s face and he fell to the floor. Hellevi turned around to face the others a manic grin on her face. “There. That should hold for a day or two. Eliah, do be a dear and fetch me Kol’s coffin. We’ll pop him inside and seal it. Then we can decide where to put him.”

Everything was completely silent for a moment before Rebekah launched herself at Hellevi, tackling her to the ground in strangling hug. “Hella! I thought we’d never see you again. Nik told me you were dead!”

Rebekah’s action seemed to snap Elijah and Finn out of their stupor and they both moved to pick the girls up off the ground, with Elijah hauling Hellevi up by her arm and into a hug. “Dearest sister. I have missed you,” he spoke quietly into her ear. “Nothing is the same without your mischief around to lighten things up.”

As soon as Elijah released her, she was swept into Finn’s embrace before she was unceremoniously deposited in front of Kol who hadn’t moved since he heard her voice for the first time. Hella, sensing his need to process her return a little further turned her attention back to Elijah. “The coffin, Elijah? I’d like to get Nik put away before anything else happens. You know as well as I do that the minute Kol regains his bearings, I will get distracted and we are operating on limited time here. The dagger will not keep him down forever. I can seal him in a coffin though, and once I do, no one but me will be able to open it. I think we’ll keep him in there for a century or so. Hopefully the time alone will allow him to rethink his priorities.” Elijah nodded before walking out of the room. He came back several minutes later pushing a black coffin in front of him. He and Finn lifted Klaus’s body and heaved it none too gently into the coffin before slamming the lid closed. Hellevi laid her hand on the end closest to herself and concentrated for a few moments before the coffin glowed a luminous green color and a loud click was heard, signaling the sealing spell settling into place. “There. Now, would you take that and find a place to put it for awhile? Somewhere the Salvatore’s can’t get their hands on it preferably? And then maybe give Kol and I some time alone?”

Elijah and Finn nodded, each of them taking an end of the coffin and carrying it out of the room. Rebekah gave Hella a small smile and quick hug before following her brother’s out of the room. Hellevi took a deep breath to settle herself and turned toward her mate. “Hello Kol.”