Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Alex lost herself in his kiss. He’d started off with a light brush of his lips, pushing progressively harder until her lips were open beneath his. He sealed his mouth over hers in a kiss that could’ve melted steal. His tongue danced with hers. He possessed her mouth with such intensity that she was powerless to fight against him even if she had wanted too. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers and breathed heavily. “Its been way way way too long since the last time we did that.” He whispered into her hair. Alex shivered as she felt his lips investigating her hairline, and then her ear and her neck. She ran her hand over his hair and down his neck to his shoulder. “Take me upstairs” she whispered.
Matt stood up, bringing her up with him. He swept her into his arms and began to carry her up the stairs. He paused at the top, not sure which room to take her too. She laughed a little. “I live in the master bedroom now.” Matt nodded and carried down the hall to another flight of stairs. The master bedroom took up the entire third floor of the house. Matt walked through the door and stopped short. He’d never seen the room before, but he somehow doubted that it had looked like this when her dad was alive. The room was done in shades of light greens and blues. There were to huge arm chars and a couch in one corner and a TV one wall. He bed took up part of another….the rest of the available wall space was covered by book cases and pictures. It was so much like her that he had to laugh as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently and then stepped back to get a good look at her. She looked so much like she did on their wedding night that she took his breath away. She’d been so beautiful that day, he’d almost cried. He still dreamed about her walking down the aisle towards him in that white dress. He lost himself to the memory and only vaguely her Alex calling his name. He snapped out of his dream when she reached up and touched his face. “Where’d you go?” she questioned softly.
He smiled “I was just remembering what you looked like on our wedding day. I can still see you in that dress, walking towards me. I as the luckiest man in the world that day I got to marry the woman of my dreams. I got her back today and I don’t think I’ll be letting her go anytime soon.”
Alex reached up and pulled him down next to her, so that they were lying side by side on the bed. She laid her head on his chest and listened to his heart for a few moments before the intimacy of the moment was interrupted by the phone.
Alex reached over Matt to grab the phone. “Hello?”
“Alex? It’s Gavin”
“I’m busy right now. I said I’d call you later” Alex said tersely into the phone. Not appreciating Gavin’s intrusion into the moment.
“I want an answer. Now.”
Alex sighed and looked into Matt’s eyes. Matt read every emotion there… including fear. He grabbed the phone “ Gavin? It’s Matt. I’m afraid the lady’s answer is going to have to be no, since her husband has decided that he wants to keep her.” Matt hung up the phone and then unplugged it from the wall. He didn’t want another interruption.
“You want to tell me why you’re scared of him?” Matt asked pointedly. They both sat up and Alex rested her arms on her knees.
Alex hesitated, trying to best decide how to phrase it. “Our relationship wasn’t ever as perfect as I made it sound. Gavin doesn’t exactly take rejection well. He’s also extremely possessive.” She stopped and tried to gather the courage to tell him the rest.
Matt saw her fear and reached down to grab her hand. “I want you to know that you can tell me anything.”
She took a deep breath and squeezed his hand. “I thought he was going to hit me one time. We’d been arguing about his refusal to accept a decision that I made concerning my job. I was offered the advanced math and history classes for the year and I said yes. He felt like the work would take me too much away from him. Anyways, I told him that in a lot of ways, I’m still a Marine. I make my own choices, I like hard work and that he wasn’t the center of my universe. He stopped his fist just shy of my left cheek.” Alex dropped her gaze. ‘That was a year ago. It’s never happened again, but I try not to make him that mad anymore. I’d rather not find out if he actually would hit me. Not that I can’t take of myself. I could still take him out if I needed to….” Alex let her voice trail off as the tears began to fall. She’d never told anyone about that evening.
Matt was speechless. He’d never known Alex to be that vulnerable, but then again, it never would have occurred to him to even think about hitting her. She’d have killed him. He squeezed her hand in reassurance and leaned down to kiss her. He put his free hand on her left cheek and caressed her face lightly, wiping the tears away.
“If he even tries it, I’ll kill him. You aren’t alone anymore with a man who would do that. I’m here and I’ll protect you until my last breath.” He kissed her again, fiercely. “I’m moving in here tomorrow, if that’s ok with you.”
Alex nodded. She wasn’t sure how this was all going to work out, but she knew that they had to start somewhere. Having him move in made it all real and permanent in way that they had never been before. “Do you need our marriage license for the paperwork to move off the base? “
“Yeah. Do you still have it? Or did you burn it with the pictures?”
“ I never burned anything. Those pictures held some great memories. Our marriage license is in my fire proof safe. I figured that we’d need whether we stayed together or got a divorce.”
Matt thought about that for a minute. Knowing that she’d help onto the memories made him feel better about everything. That she hadn’t banished him from her thoughts completely touched him. “Speaking of divorce, I guess we do need to talk about what went on n the last five years.”
Alex knew as sure as she was sitting there that she didn’t really want to know what or who he’d been doing for the last five years. It would cause them both unnecessary pain. “As long as there are no surprises, like kids, in what you’ve been doing for the last few years, you don’t have to tell me. If there isn’t anything that’s going to drastically affect our future together, I will just forgive it and forget it. As long as you promise to do the same for me.”
“So you don’t want to hear it?”
“Absolutely not.”
Matt laughed softly. “Deal. All forgiven.” He pulled her closer to him. And then lay back down, snuggling her to his chest. “Do you still have my wedding ring?” has asked suddenly. They had decided that since they couldn’t wear them openly, that he would take hers and she would take his and they’d keep them safe until they could wear them openly.
“Of course. Its on a chain around my neck. I never could bring myself to take it off. I didn’t really want to think about what that meant, but I knew that I didn’t want to lose it. Its been on that chain for seven years. Do you still have my rings?”
“Duh. They’re on a chain in my pocket. I carry them everywhere. They were my good-luck charm. I hold onto them when I need a little peace.”
Alex was so touched that she began to cry. She didn’t know how to tell him that his had been the same for her. She sat back up and reached into her shirt to pull the chain off. She undid the clasp and held the wide silver band out to him. He held his hand up, inviting her to put it back on for him. She slid it back onto his ring finger, settling it right where she’d put it 7 yeas before. Matt reached into the top pocket of his uniform and pulled the chain that held the diamond he’d bought her ten years ago on her 18th birthday and the silver band he’d given her on heir wedding day. He undid the heavy chain and held her rings out to her.
Alex held her hand out to him. He slid her rings back on. She trembled when he settled them at the base of her ring finger. She held her hand up for inspection. She’d forgotten how beautiful her engagement ring had been. The heart shaped diamond still spoke volumes about his feelings for her. She could almost feel the inscription on her wedding band. He’d had it engraved with a line from “Thumbelina”: ‘Let me be your wings, let me be your only love’. Matt reached up and matched his hand to hers.
Alex laid back down and settled her head on his chest again and contentedly listened to his heart beating steadily underneath her ear. They were both silent for several minutes, absorbing everything that had happened in the last few hours. Matt knew that they were both right where they belonged for the moment, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to get up and go find Gavin Warner and beat him bloody for even thinking about hitting her. He was also savagely aware of the fact that Mr. Warner’s phone call had interrupted their love making. He sighed and wondered how he was going to get things back on track when he felt Alex pulling on his shirt. He looked down at her and discovered that she was trying pull him over her. He moved them both easily. When he was lying on her, his weight partially supported on his elbows, took a moment to look at her. Her blue eyes looked right into his soul, exactly as they had always been able to. He let her see everything he had to give. She did the same and Matt was awed by what he saw there, her love and desire laid out in the open. He leaned down and kissed her, using his kiss to communicate things that he couldn’t ever put into words.
Alex kissed him back with everything she had, letting him take control of her in ways that she’d never let anyone else.


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