Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Alex walked out to Matt’s car on violently shaking legs. Matt was waiting on the hood, staring angrily of into the distance. He turned at the sound of her heels on the pavement. He could clearly see that she was having trouble walking and he jumped off the hood to help her. He reached her in three quick strides. He took her briefcase and put a supporting arm around her waist. “Thank you” she said quietly, her voice strained with the effort not to cry.
“Alex…what happened in there?” Matt asked, unsure as to why he was so concerned about how she was feeling.
“I’ll tell you in the car…I don’t want Gavin to hear or see us…he’s very upset, well, I guess angry would be the most appropriate term to use. He called me a liar.” At that moment, Alex lost her composure and began to cry.
“Whoa!” Matt dropped her briefcase to the ground next to the car and pulled Alexandra fully into his arms and simply held her as she cried.
At last I can be here for her now. I feel so bad for her. She was finally moving on with her life and I screwed it up by showing up here. Matt thought to himself. Why can’t I let her go? Why do I feel this desperate need to keep her by my side and tell her how much I still love her? That I never stopped loving her? Matt’s whole world tipped over with the realization that he still loved Alexandra Mitchell. He probably always would. He tightened his grip on her, letting her take all the time she needed to cry, and she was crying so hard it broke his heart. Her sobs were so deep in her chest that they robbed of breath.
It was several minutes before Alex finally managed to calm her self down enough to pull back a little and wipe her eyes on her sleeve. She took a few deep, shuddering breaths and then sniffed. “Matt, take me home, please?” She whispered brokenly.
“Of course, whatever you want sweetheart.” He answered and opened the door for her. He helped her into the car and then put her stuff in the back seat before circling to get into the drivers seat. He was unaware of the fact that they were being watched and the fact that Gavin Warner was an extremely possessive, jealous man.
Matt got them back to Alex’s house in record time and then helped her out of the car and into the house. He stopped for a minute once they were through the doors. He hadn’t been inside this house in years and it was a shock to see how much hadn’t changed. The front room still looked exactly the same as it had when they were kids. Formal and inviting, but off limits to kids. He took a few more steps inside to find the rest of the house much changed. Alex had had the kitchen completely redone, modernized and made into a kitchen that could actually be used. Alex’s stepmother hadn’t been the homemaker her real mom had been. Her dad had married her because she was a great hostess and looked good on his arm. Alex watched Matt take in the house, and thought about how much he hadn’t really changed in 5 years. He was still cocky and sure of himself and he was still a safe place to cry when she needed it. His looks hadn’t changed much either, his dark hair was still cut Marine short and his blue eyes were still the most beautiful she had ever seen. His shoulders and chest seemed broader than she remembered, but she also remembered that he loved to work out and that he was a flight instructor now. Jay kept her more informed than Kat knew, since he was the only other person she had ever told about their marriage. It had slipped out one night during her recovery when he’d been in the room alone with her and she’d lost her composure and cried for hours. Jay had sat there and held her hand while she cried and listened to everything she had to say. He had then promised to never tell anyone even Kat until she or Matt did so.
“Okay, Alex, would you like to tell me what the Hell is going on here now?” Matt asked abruptly. He was at the end of his self control and he wanted to know where they stood.
“Where do you want me to begin?” She asked in a much calmer tone than she felt.
“How about with the accident? I still don’t know what happened that day”
I don’t either…I still don’t remember most of it. The Marines told me that there was an engine malfunction in the helicopter I was flying and that it exploded. I lost two crew members and a third was paralyzed. It wasn’t my fault I sustained some serious injuries. Both of my legs were broken in several places, I had two broken vertebrae and my pelvic bone was cracked in two places. I was unconscious for three days. And when I woke up, I kept asking for you, but no one ever seemed to hear me. Then my step mom said that you hadn’t even been seen in the waiting room and I was so hurt, that I told her that I never wanted to see you again.”
“That was one hell of a lie…I didn’t leave that waiting room for a week. Your dad told me that it didn’t matter how long I waited, he wasn’t going to let me anywhere near you. You know how he felt about me.”
“ You’re kidding! Why didn’t Kat or Jay tell me?”
“ I don’t think they knew I had even been there. Your step mom had told me what you said and by the time they arrived, I was gone. I re-enlisted and I asked for a transfer to Japan after that. I finished my degree over there, came back and I’ve been up in Washington until about two months ago when an opening came up here and they offered it to me.”
“Wow, I almost wish that Daddy was still alive so that I could give him a piece of my mind. He died about three years ago. He’s buried in Arlington. A great honor for a great military man I guess…too bad he was a lousy father. My step mother is somewhere in Europe, living large off the money he left her. She calls on the big holidays or when she’s trying give someone the impression that she’s a real family person.”
“ Yeah, she always was a cold hearted bitch. Your dad didn’t mean to be lousy, I don’t think. I just think that he didn’t know what to do with you. He promised your mom that you wouldn’t be shipped off to boarding school and that he’d do his best to keep you here with your friends. He never did get to know you though, and that is a shame.”
“Thanks for that. You always did know what to say to make me feel better. I cant believe we’ve let 5 years go by. I guess if I wasn’t so stubborn and prideful, we could have tried to fix this. I just didn’t want to get hurt again so I let you be. I put you in a box and I don’t take it out often. It was easier for me that way…made it easier to move on with Gavin too. If I didn’t think about you, you didn’t exist. I wish there was a way to fix our relationship and have it all back….” Alex let the sentence hang as she turned and walked to the couch.
“ Are you kidding? Of course there’s a way to have it all back….kind of. We can work through the differences and heal the wounds we created. And then move on fro there. If there’s one thing I know, its that I love you Alexandra Mitchell Roberts and that I’m not going to give up on you if there’s even the slightest chance that I can have you in my life again.” I sat down next to her on the couch and took both of her hands in his and looked her straight in the eyes. He was a little surprised to find tears there.
Alex leaned forward and rested her head on Matt’s shoulder. She sighed when she felt his arms surround her, his strength enveloping her. “There’s more than the slightest chance Matt…you have me. I’ve love you too. I never stopped, no matter how much I tell myself that I did. You are and always be apart of me. I feel like something’s been missing for the last five years and that I was finally whole again the minute you held me in your arms again. You were always my safe place to go and the one person who can make me smile no matter what.”
Matt was awed by what she said. He didn’t have the words to tell her what she meant to him. He reached down and lifted her chin, bringing her gaze to his. His gaze dropped to her mouth and he kissed her for the first time in five years.


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