Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“ You want a what? The first thing you say to me after five years is that?? No Hello Matt, its good to see you how have you been? Just, ‘Matt, I want a divorce’. Well, I told you, there is no way that I am going to divorce you unless you give me a damn good reason.” Matt said after a few minutes of silence.
“ You want a damn good reason, I’ve got a few…one, we can’t stand each other, two, we haven’t even spoken in five years, three, you didn’t even care that I had almost died and four, I am in love with someone else and he asked me to marry him Saturday, and I would like to be able to say yes!”
“ What do you mean that I didn’t care that you had almost died…wait did you just say that you want to marry someone else?” Matt asked in disbelief.
“ Yes, His name is Gavin Warner and he is also a history teacher at CHS, and I love him and he loves me, which happens to be more than I can say for you, plus, you know, I’ll like actually be able to tell people that I’m married this time around.”
“ Excuse me, not telling anyone was your stupid idea. I wanted to tell everyone, and you said let’s wait until we get stationed together again, then it was lets wait until my birthday. God we had been married for two years by then. Then your crash happened and they would even let me see you because I wasn’t your husband or next of kin, or so they thought because we hadn’t told any one that we were married. Then, when I did try to call, your step mother told me that you never wanted to speak to me again, because I didn’t come and see you, which wasn’t even my choice, so I never called again, because I thought that that was what you wanted, and no one knows that we’re married now because we’re to afraid to tell.” Matt practically yelled at Alex as they pulled into the parking lot at the school. “Look, I’ll talk to you later…I’m off duty at four thirty, will it be alright if I stop by your house?”.
“ That will be fine…actually, make it six, and I can have dinner made and Kat off with Jay by the time you there…will that be ok?” Alex asked, suddenly hesitant.
“ Yes, Alex, that’s fine.” Matt answered. Alex grabbed all of her gear and got out of the car, and as Matt watched her walk away, he thought to himself This is nuts…I’m married to a woman that I don’t even know anymore, but I just feel like I can’t let her go.

Alex walked into her class room and set her stuff down on her desk before she even noticed the tall, dashing man sitting at her desk . “ Gavin, you scared me half to death! What are you doing in here, and how did you get in?”
“ Janitor Joe let me in, and I am here to see if you have an answer for me yet.” He flashed her one of his knee weakening grins. With his broad shoulders and dark hair that contrasted perfectly with his pretty green eyes, Gavin was the best looking man Alex knew, well, next to Matt anyways, she admitted grudgingly to her self
“ Gavin, we really need to talk, but this is not the place or time. How does right after school sound to you?”
“ I guess that’s fine, but why do I get the distinct impression that you are going to say no?”
“ You’ll just have to wait and see” Alex said and gave him a swift kiss. “now get back to your own class room, before you get us both into trouble.”
“ Alright, I can take a hint”. Gavin grumbled as he walked out the door. “You promise that we’re going to talk right after school?”
“ I swear, as soon as the last bell rings, meet me back here.” After Gavin had left, Alex walked over and shut the door It’s a good thing I have my prep right now, or I’d be in serious trouble. If I’m in love with Gavin, then why can’t I stop thinking about how great Matt looked and smelled this morning?

Before Alex knew it, school was over and Gavin was standing in her door way. “ Come on in, and get comfortable…You’d better sit down.”
“ Now I know that you are going to say no.”
“ I’m not saying no, I just have something really important to tell you that’s going to affect our whole future.” Alex took a deep breath and steeled herself for Gavin’s reaction. “ Gavin, I’m already married.”
“Excuse me? You’re what?”
“Well, when I was in high school, my boyfriend, Matt Roberts and I decided to join the Marines to give ourselves a life of our own, away from my dad. The day after we graduated, I turned 18, and we enlisted. About a year later, we were both corporals, and we decided that it was the right time for us to get married. It was just our luck that we were stationed in San Diego together. I was going to school full time to get my degree so that I could fly and so was he, so, we eloped, and never told anyone, because a week later, he was transferred to Washington D.C. and I was transferred to Georgia to go to Georgia Tech, which is where I got my degree in math. A few months later, I got my transfer to DC. I was thrilled, but two days before I was supposed to leave, I was in a terrible aviation accident and he didn’t even come see me in the hospital. Matt is still a Marine, in fact, he’s stationed here, and I saw him for the first time in 5 years this morning.
“ That’s why I couldn’t give you an answer, I am not free to marry you, just yet, I have to convince Matt to grant me a divorce. I’ll have to talk with him and get the whole story, and I will give you a definite answer tomorrow.” Alex finally looked into Gavin’s eyes and saw something she would have never expected, understanding.
“ Alex, you need to talk to your husband, and then tell me what you have decided. I’ll wait for you, but if you decide that you belong with him, I will understand, just don’t leave me hanging for too long, ok?” Gavin asked as he gave Alex a kiss on the cheek and walked out the door.
“ I can’t believe how well he handled it, I would have been ready to kill me if I had been in his shoes.” Alex said to herself, as she gathered her things and moved to leave. She stepped out in the hall and turned to lock the door.
“Alex?” Alex jumped and spun around.
“ Matt! What are you doing here, you scared me half to death!”
“ It’s like 4:45 and I don’t know, I was driving by, and I just couldn’t help myself, I had to see you, I don’t know why and I cant say that I particularly care why.” Matt blurted out.
Just then, Gavin turned the corner, he obviously hadn’t seen Matt because he walked over and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek. “Alex, I’m glad I caught you before you left. I think that we should talk after this Matt guy leaves your house tonight.”
“Al, who’s this?” Matt broke in from behind them.
“ Matt this is Gavin, Gavin, this is my husband Matt Roberts.”
“ Hi Matt, I’m Gavin, Alexandra’s boyfriend.” Gavin inserted smoothly, though quite effectively showing his dislike for the other man. “ So, tell me, why haven’t you guys gotten divorced yet? I mean, you haven’t even seen each other in like five years, I think that’s like perfect grounds for a divorce, if not an annulment.”
Matt’s muscles tightened and his hands curled into fists and he straightened to his full height, letting the other man know he just wasn’t afraid. He then had to exert serious self control to keep from hitting Gavin in the face, when he smirked. “Well, it would have been really hard to get a divorce, considering we didn’t even speak to each other the whole time.” Matt’s eyes immediately went to Alex’s, who was carefully extracting her self from Gavin’s arms, though he didn’t even seem to notice, he was concentrated on Matt.
“ I guess that means someone was being unfaithful! Even better grounds for divorce!” Gavin commented smugly, and Alex gasped as she saw Matt begin to lose his temper.
“Excuse me, you contributed to the unfaithfulness Mr. Warner” Matt growled between clenched teeth
“ Gavin, knock it off! All you are doing is making things worse. Matt, I‘ll meet you outside in like five minutes.” Alex broke in and stepped between the two men. Matt threw a cold glance at Gavin before turning and walking out the door. “ Gavin, I will call you tonight…maybe, if not, I’ll see you when I get here tomorrow morning.” Alex finished as she picked up her briefcase and jacket and walked to the door. “Gavin, I need you to get out of my class room so that I can lock the door“, she said again when he hadn’t budged.
“ I’m not going anywhere until you tell me exactly what you intend to do”.
“ Gavin, I’m not even sure about what I’m going to do. I think that at this point, it all depends on what Matt has to say to me tonight…and whether or not he’s going to grant me a divorce.”
“ That is not a good enough answer. It’s been two years and you couldn’t find one little, teeny tiny moment to tell me that you are already married?” Gavin looked shocked and hurt and it broke Alex’s heart to see him like that. “I really do love you, but I feel like our whole relationship was built on a lie.”
“ Gavin, that’s not true. Most of the time, I forget that I ever married Matt. We were only married for a week before we got separated. Then, we only saw each other twice over the next two years. Once I got my transfer to D.C., I was thrilled, I was finally going to get to tell everyone that I had married the man I loved. Matt was going to get out of the military so that we could be together without the fear of being separated by transfers. Plus, Matt was still enlisted at the time, and I had just become an officer, which is completely against military regulations. He only had two semesters left before he could get his Bachelors degree, and he wanted to focus on school. We were going to tell everyone on my birthday. Matt would be officially out of the military and we would be safe. That morning, I was doing the routine test flight on an Apache Helicopter when something went horribly, terribly wrong. It was a miracle that I survived. My legs were broken in five different places, two of the vertebrae in my back were broken and I cracked my pelvic bone. I had no memory of the crash and I kept asking for Matt, but he never came. I was devastated that Matt, my true blue husband wouldn’t come to see me when I needed him the most. I spent nine months in a military hospital before I was fully healed and able to walk again. I was given a full benefits medical discharge with several awards for my bravery and courage. I told my step mom to tell Matt that I never wanted to see him again. This morning was the first time in five years that I have seen him. I have to talk to him and find out his side of that story. What he said to me this morning may be true. He may not have been allowed to see me, and if that is true, then I need to forgive him and myself, and then we need to reevaluate our relationship. I will have an answer for you tomorrow. I promise. But for now I have to go. Matt is waiting to give me a ride home and since Kat already left, I need the ride.” Alexandra finished her speech and turned and walked out the door without looking back.
She would have been horrified to see the hatred and anger in Gavin Warner’s eyes had she looked back. “You’re mine sweetheart”, he whispered savagely “and I wont let you go that easily.” He walked out of her classroom, slamming the door behind him and stopped to watch her walk outside through a window.


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