Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Crash! Alexandra Mitchell sat up in her bed, and covered her eyes with shaking hands. No matter how any times she had this dream, it never failed to terrify her, although she was quite unsure as to why….it had happened so many years ago. She glanced at the clock. It was only two thirty in the morning. “ This has got to stop”, she told her self sternly. She lay back down and flopped on to her stomach.

The next thing Alexandra knew, it was five o’clock and her alarm was insistently telling her to get up and get ready for work. She dragged her self out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Dang it! I’ll have to put my make-up on heavy this morning…look a those circles!, she thought to her self as she shuffled down the hall and to her kitchen. She quickly turned on the coffee pot, which of course she had set up the night before, and went to the fridge to grab her usual breakfast of vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and a banana. The buzzer on the coffee pot went off and she went over and poured her self a healthy mug full and added some sugar. Then she took every thing to the table and sat down. Her room-mate, Katherine, had already gotten the paper, when she went out for her morning run. Alexandra quickly ate her breakfast, washed out her cup and both spoons, put them in the dishwasher, and hustled back to her room to shower and dress for work.

An hour later, she was putting the finishing touches on her make up and stepping in to her shoes. Alexandra ran into her room and grabbed her briefcase, lap-top and a thick portfolio of papers. “ Katherine…Are you ready to go to work?” she yelled as she walked past her friends room, grabbing her sweater off the hook as she went.

“ Coming! Alex…can I borrow your navy blue pumps?…I broke the heel on mine”
“ Sure…they’re in the closet, on the right hand side, floor, next to my pink ones! Hurry up, we really can’t be late on the first day of school, Stout will blow a gasket!”
“ I’m coming…hey! Have you heard from Gavin yet?” Katherine asked as she walked into the room, her trim figure elegantly showcased by a light pink dress that had little navy blue swirls all over it.
“ Kat that dress is gorgeous! No, I haven’t heard from Gavin since Saturday, but I should see him when we get to work, his class room is right next door to mine! When was the last time you talked to Jay?”
“ Last night, and I know that you don’t want to hear this, but Matt was with him!”
“ You are absolutely right about me not wanting to hear that, I haven’t even heard from him since I got out of the Marines. It was like he didn’t even care that I had almost died. I guess he just couldn’t handle it. I don’t know, he always confused me, I guess I never should have dated him.”
“ I only told you that because he was asking about you.”
“ He what??! He asked about me…..what exactly did he want to know?” Alex asked impatiently as she and Katherine walked out to Alex’s car. “ By the way, do I look ok?”
Katherine took in Alex’s mint green cardigan set, knee length black skirt, shoulder length blonde hair, tiny glasses, and mint green heels. “ You look just like a tenth grade history slash math teacher should…all prim and proper… although I think Gavin will think you look sexy!” Katherine answered Alex’s second question first, then she paused for a moment as she tried to decide how to phrase the answer to Alex’s first question. “ About Matt, he kind of, umm, he wanted to know if you are currently dating anybody, I guess he wanted to see if maybe he still had a chance with you. Don’t worry though, I totally told him off, I pretty much told him that you never wanted to see him again, after the way he treated you.”
“ Thanks, I don’t think I could handle seeing him again, especially after all these years, what’s it been, four, five years, let’s see, I’m 29, so, five years, the military changed all of us, I mean, I never dreamed that we’d be teaching High School in California, or that we’d have been to France and Germany. You, know, I guess, joining the Marines was the best thing I could have ever done.”

Meanwhile, Across town close by the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Jay Hernandez and Matt Roberts were getting ready to report for duty.
“ Matt, Get going! We are going to be late for duty again if you don’t get your rear in gear!” Jay yelled as he finished lacing up his boots.
“ Alright I’m coming.” Matt jumped off of the bed and pulled on his khaki uniform “ well, at least I don’t have to decide what to wear to work, the government decides that for me”, he mumbled to himself as he laced up his boots and grabbed his cover. “ I’m ready” he announced to Jay as he walked out of his bedroom and straight into the living room of the two bedroom apartment that he and Jay shared.
“ Ok, lets go, I want to stop by and see Kat before she goes to work, it’s her first day back.” Jay said as he locked the front door and began running down the steps. He was so concentrated on seeing his girlfriend that he missed the dark look that passed over Matt’s face. The last person that Matt wanted to see was Alexandra Mitchell, he silently prayed that she wouldn’t be at home when he and Jay got there, or things could get very, very ugly. He followed Jay to his car and got behind the wheel.

This is going to be a disaster, he thought to himself as he pulled out on to the street. “ Where exactly are we going?” he asked Jay, never having been to Katherine and Alex’s house before. “And why? They’re all the way across San Diego from here…and we absolutely cannot be late for this round of new recruits to come through.” Both men were flight instructors at MCRD, even though Matt had a master’s degree in Aeronautics and could be doing anything, he had chosen to be a flight instructor so that he could help mold the newest Marines into the men they would become. “They are arriving at 0900 hours…its now 0700 hours”
“ Do you remember Alex’s parent’s old house on Ridge View? that’s where they live, The Admiral left it to Alex when he passed away.” Jay responded. “ Man, we had some good times in that old house didn’t we? Remember when I locked you and Alex in the hall linen closet and her mom got so mad because you guys messed up all of her towels trying to get out? And like I said, I want to see Katherine…its their first day back to school and I want to wish her luck”
“Yeah, I remember…can we please not talk about Alex…it’s still a very touchy subject with me.”
“ Oh man, I’m sorry, I totally forgot that you two don’t exactly get along anymore”
“ That my friend is a gross understatement.” Matt parked the car on the street, in front of Alex’s house. “ You go ahead, I’ll stay in the car…I highly doubt that Alex wants to see me right this minute.” Matt said dryly.
“ You may not have a choice…Alex is on her way over here now, probably to tell you to get the Hell out of here!”
“ Matt, we need to talk…Jay, Kat is waiting for you in her car. She’ll take you to he base.” Alex paused for breath “ Matt, would you mind giving me a ride to work while we talk?”
“ Ummmm…no, I guess that will be ok, I’ll see you at work Jay.” Jay got out of the car and hurried towards Kat’s car.
Alex slipped into the seat that Jay had vacated. “Matt, I want a divorce.”


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