Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

“Another winter day has come

And gone away

In either Paris or Rome

And I wanna go home

Let me go home


And I’m surrounded by

A million people I

Still feel alone

And let me go home

Oh, I miss you, you know”

~ Michael Buble, “Home”


On any normal day, Darcy enjoyed watching the junior, and honestly, some senior SHEILD agents run around like headless chickens as they leapt to do Director Coulson’s bidding, while Councilman Fury stood behind him looking extremely pissed off at their inability to move quicker. Today was not a normal day; however and Darcy was more than a bit distracted by her own tasks today, which included watching Jane and making sure the SHIELD agents didn’t break her equipment.

Darcy snapped back from her distraction with just enough time to keep Deputy Director Jasper Sitwell from breaking his neck tripping over one of the 500 wires crisscrossing the makeshift lab area they were standing in. “Easy, Agent Sitwell. No one’s dying here today.”  The glare he sent her in return made her wish that she hadn’t stopped him. Darcy never could understand why Sitwell was such a jerk to her, except for the fact that she knew he didn’t approve of the Avengers or their chosen spouses. He’d been more than a little snide with her since Clint disappeared, and Darcy had to remind herself that tasing him wouldn’t solve anything except to make her feel better, and it would piss Coulson off. She’d quietly let Natasha know how Sitwell had behaved while they were gone and then sit back and watch the fun begin, especially once the Avengers found out that Sitwell had wanted to leave them stranded wherever they were. Coulson would be looking for a new Deputy before the week was out once Loki got a hold of Sitwell. If Sitwell was lucky, he’d endure enough to make him quit. If he wasn’t so lucky, well, Darcy had heard that psych wards were much nicer than they used to be.

Darcy turned back to the scene before her, choosing to dismiss Sitwell and his lame attempt at a death glare. It wasn’t worth the argument today. Today was the day the were bringing the Avengers home, and they were setting up what was essentially Jane’s entire Stark Laboratory in the New Mexico desert. In an unanimous decision, the team, i.e. Jane, Darcy, Pepper, Betty, Coulson and Fury, had decided that the desert where Thor had first touched down was the ideal spot. The Asgardian Gatekeeper could keep an eye on them better, and honestly, if they opened another portal over Avengers Tower, the people of New York were going to riot.

Darcy turned her attention back to the scientists, Jane was munching on the turkey sandwich Darcy had shoved in her hand half an hour ago, and trying to program some huge machine, while Betty Ross calibrated another machine beside her. Pepper was standing off to the side, phone in hand, yelling at some poor senator, who’d dare to suggest that maybe the world was better off without Iron Man. Pepper was forcefully reminding him of all the things Tony had accomplished in his lifetime and did the senator really want to live in a world without Stark industries? Darcy grinned when saw Pepper roll her eyes and hang up the phone. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry senator, we must of gotten disconnected.” Pepper commented as she threw her phone into her bag.

Darcy was slightly startled when Jane and Betty turned towards her simultaneously and gave her a thumbs up and a wink. Darcy took this to mean that they were ready to start. “Hey Phil, Uh, I mean, Director Coulson,” Darcy spoke into the comm unit on her wrist, “I think the Science Babes are ready to begin. Can you clear the area of all non essential personnel?”

“Thanks, Darce.” Came his shockingly informal reply. Phil then turned to look at Agent May, and within sixty seconds, the only people remaining in the area were Coulson, Fury, Darcy, Pepper, Betty and Jane. Jane came to stand next to Darcy, and Darcy reached out to grab her hand. Jane smiled at her, before pushing a button on the remote in her hand.

At first, nothing happened, and then suddenly, there was a blindingly bright blue light, and then, there they were. The whole team, sitting around a bon fire, in the middle of the makeshift lab. No one moved for several moments, and then Jane was running, well, waddling, as fast as she could towards Thor. Darcy had to suppress a giggle at the look on Thor’s face; he looked really angry for about five seconds before his brain caught up with him. He stood up just in time to catch Jane as she leapt at him. Then they were laughing and kissing and crying.

Betty, seeing that everyone was busy watching Jane and Thor’s reunion, took her opportunity to tackle Bruce. She knocked him right off the log he was sitting on and to the ground, with a resounding thud. The noise seemed to be the cue everyone else need to start moving towards their spouses or significant others. Tony pulled Pepper into a hug, while she cried, and Loki and Natasha moved towards Jane, so they could congratulate her properly. Steve and Bucky walked hand in hand towards Director Coulson and Fury, and Darcy couldn’t help be relieved that they finally got their act together and admitted their feelings.

Darcy caught Clint’s eye through the crowd of people around them, and he simply opened his arms. Darcy took off running towards him, before quite literally jumping on him. After six months of sleepless nights and loneliness, Darcy was finally home. She savored the feel of Clint’s arms around her, and buried her nose in his neck, while he pressed his face into her hair. They simply sat there for a few moments, breathing each other in, and then Darcy couldn’t breathe at all. Darcy couldn’t help but think that this kiss was different that any they had shared previously. It was so soft, and sweet, and she could actually feel Clint pouring six months of longing and love into it. Darcy responded in kind, and it stole her breath away.The pulled apart slowly, with Clint looking at her, his face showing more emotion than Darcy had ever seen from him. She rested her forehead against his, and tried to catch her breath.

“Welcome home, Clint.” She whispered, before leaning into kiss him again. This kiss was was explosive. This kiss carried six months of pent up passion and desire. It rocked Darcy’s world, quite literally, when Clint picked her up mid kiss, and began to carry her off. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, as he moved to carry her bridal style.

“Please tell me you have a private room.”

“Well, we have a private tent. It’s just for this afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow, you guys have a couple hours of debriefing, and then we are on a plane to the Caribbean. Pepper has given the team the run of the Stark Estate on St Croix, and we’re flying out first, probably with Bruce and Betty. Pepper and Tony have something to take care of, and then they are leaving tomorrow. I’d imagine Steve and Bucky will come with them. Jane’s not allowed to go anywhere else once they get back to New York, doctor’s orders, so she and Thor will stay here.”

Darcy felt more than heard Clint’s laughter. “Tony and Pepper really do share the same brain. Tony told us he was going to plan the exact same thing for all of us once we got home, after I asked him if he knew of somewhere we could go to spend some quality time together once we got home. How long do we get before Coulson tracks us down?’

“A month. That gives us all plenty of time to get reacquainted, and still be home in time for the birth of the newest Asgardian prince.”

“That all sounds perfect. Now,” he began, his voice deepening, “what do you say we take this somewhere a little more private. Everything else can wait until tomorrow. Tonight, I want to show you what I’ve been thinking about for the last six months.”

“That’s the best suggest I’ve heard all day. Lead on, good sir!”


The End.