Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

I bless the rains down in Africa

Gonna take some time to do the things we never had”


~ Africa by Toto


Clint Barton sat atop a rock and looked out over the scene in front of him. There were trees the size of skyscrapers, rocks the size of houses, the sky was the bluest he’d ever seen and the water was clear and pure….it was also completely devoid of people. Six months ago, he’d been sucked through some kind of portal during a fight in downtown New York City, and they’d landed here, in this forest. It was beautiful, but he just wanted to go home, to his wife. He and Darcy had only been married for three months when he disappeared off of the face of the earth, and gods he hoped she was okay. She was his whole world, and he was starting to go insane without her, he missed the smell of her hair, the way she cuddles up to him in her sleep, the way she laughs with her whole body, and most of all, he missed the way she looks when she says “I love you.”


Six months. Six god damn months stuck in this forest, with no discernable chance of getting home. Thor was confident that his Jane would figure it out, but as time when on, even he became discouraged. They were out of Heimdal, the Asgardian Gatekeeper’s gaze, according to their newest team member, Loki. Lokie had access to his magic, but no access to any of the between world paths. They were stuck here until Jane and S.H.I.E.L.D. figured out what the hell they were doing and found a way to bring them home.


Clint turned around to make a sweep of their campsite, well, it had started out as a campsite, until Loki grew tired of listening to tony complain, and built them a hut, with beds, and a good sized fireplace that they used to cook the game that Clint Thor went out and hunted down. between the six of them, they stayed fed and sheltered, and relatively clean. No running water, but if they hauled the water, Tony had built a shower that they used to bathe, and Loki, who refused to wash his clothes in the creek had used his special talents to spell their clothes to self clean. Clint had sworn though, that when they got home and he’d made sure that Darcy was okay, he was going to take her on month long vacation someplace where the clothing was optional. He was thoroughly sick of his uniform, and while he wasn’t too shabby in the looks department, he didn’t feel so comfortable going around shirtless when he had to stand next to Captain freaking America and the God of Thunder.


Speaking of Captain America, if he didn’t quit making out with Bucky where they could all see them, Clint was going to put an arrow in his knee. Sure, Clint was happy that Steve Rogers and James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes had finally resolved 80 years of sexual tension, but there were three guys on this team missing their wives, and one lonely scientist who was still pining for his old girlfriend in close proximity to them, and they were all very jealous that Steve and Bucky had each other right this minute.

At least Loki and Natasha were discreet and kept that shit in their room, where no one had to see it or hear it. He felt a smirk grown on his face, now looked like a good time to fire a warning shot. He drew one of the plain arrows from his bow, took aim and sunk it right next to Bucky’s head, in the tree that Steve had him pushed up against. He laid down flat as soon as the arrow was in the air, knowing they wouldn’t be able to see him from where they were, but still getting his point across. Both men pulled their respective weapons as soon as the arrow hit it’s mark, before relaxing once they got a good look at the arrow, with it’s black and purple fletching. Clint could see steve relax, and then grab Bucky and drag him towards their bedroom.


He climbed down from the rock, snickering, before coming face to face with Loki. Loki simply waved his hand, causing Clint’s arrow to return to the quiver before giving him a smile and a nod. Clint nodded back, a grin stretched across his face. While he had had his reservations about Loki joining the team, he’d been pleasantly surprised to discover that the god had a love of pranks, and was willing to work with Clint to pull of some fantastic ones. They worked well as a team, both [refering to watch from a far and take out enemies from the shadows or roof tops, where no one could ever see them coming. They watched each other’s backs in battle and pranks, and had formed a solid friendship, despite their past interactions. Plus side, it made Natasha happy to know that her boyfriend and her partner could get along, even if they did drive her crazy sometimes.


The two men walked back towards camp, laughing, to find everyone gathered around a bonfire, talking. Thor was telling yet another tale of some battle he and Loki had fought when they were younger, Natasha, Steve and Bucky listening politely, and Tony and Bruce were bent over some drawings in the dirt, discussing something sciency. Clint and Loki took their places around the fire, and settled in to listen to everyone else.


Clint tried to listen to Tony and Bruce but he quickly zoned out, his mind going back to Darcy. He was dying to see her, and when he did, he was going to pick her up, kiss her, and then carry her back to their room, where he’d proceed to make up for the last six months, SHIELD reports and debriefings be damned. he pretty much figured a week should suffice, at first, before he took her on that vacation. They’d leave their phones off, and the whole world could fall for all Clint cared. He wanted two months, alone with Darcy, no SHIELD, no Avengers, no villains, no crises. In fact, he felt that the whole team deserved that kind of break. Maybe he could convince Tony to take them to his island, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four could defend the world for a few more weeks, they were always begging for more work anyways.


The sound of someone yelling his name snapped him out of his day dreams. Thor was pointing up, and sure enough, there was a portal opening right above them.


“God I hope we’re going home”