Today, I am saddened and honestly heart-sick over the events of the last year, but especially the last 2 days. On Tuesday, Christians in this country proclaimed loudly, with what appears to be one voice, that being anti-abortion and anti-Islam is more important to them than love of their fellow man.

I will not call these people pro-life because to condemn millions of their fellow countrymen to live in fear for the next four years is not pro-life. To work to deny millions of women access to necessary healthcare because you don’t like that they can also get in an abortion in a safe, regulated environment is not pro-life. To tell millions upon millions of Americans that they do not belong here because you don’t like the religion they practice, the color of their skin or they way they got here is not pro-life. You are anti-abortion and that is all there is to it.

These “Christian” voters, who voted for a man who regularly incites violence, spews hate speech and threatens any who disagree with him, are not the kinds of Christians I want to be associated with.

Today I learned that people I have known my entire life, people I have grown with, celebrated with, cried with, and who’s hearts I once would have said I knew as well as my own, have not only voted for hatred, but are actively defending it in order to justify one or two issues.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but what I do know is that this country has been divided yet again, and for there to be any healing, we have to let go of hate and discrimination, and I don’t know if there is way back from this.


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