Book Shaming

I have put this out there because people annoy the hell out of me with this: don’t ever make someone ashamed of what they choose to read. I get so sick of self righteous “literature girls” going on and on about how the people who read and enjoyed “Twilight” should be ashamed of themselves and Bella doesn’t belong on any info graphics that shows fictional heroines in a positive light. Get over it. I’m willing to bet there are millions of young women who would have never picked up another book after high school if it hadn’t been for Twilight.
I read. I read a lot. Like a book or two a week, as well as hundreds of pages of fanfiction, but I can honestly say that, in general, I don’t like books that most people classify as literature. I find them tedious, boring and unenjoyable. Give me a good old fashioned romance or fantasy story any day. However, I would never, in a million years suggest that someone burn their copy of “Pride & Prejudice” no matter how much I personally may have hated it. End Rant.


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