Welcome to my blog

I have decided, just about a month from my 28th birthday (I’ll be 28 on September 30), to start a blog.
Why now? The simple answer is: “Because I can.”
The more complicated answer is that I feel like I need a place to share all the lessons I’ve learned in the last year in my online dating life.

I’ve been single for close to four years and last year, my mother decided that I needed to do something to change that, and proceeded to sign me up for eHarmony, subscription and all. The first thing I discovered was that almost no one in my area pays for that site, which makes it almost useless, except for those oh so rare “Free Communication Weekends.” I speak to the most men on those weekends, men who seem to completely disappear after Sunday night. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly frustrating that is, to spend to two days trying to get to know someone, progress to texting or email, and then have them just disappear.
I try not appear clingy or crazy, so I tend not to chase these guys down. I’ll text you first, but if you don’t want to text me back, fine, be that way. I’ll move on to someone else, but know that I think you’re a jerk, and I am going to tell my girlfriends, and apparently, the world.

So, this is my gift to myself this year, and my gift to all of you. You get to learn about all the funny, and sometimes, ridiculous things that I encounter in my day to day life working through the dating scene.


One thought on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Looking forward to keeping up with your dating life. I think your husband is on a boat bound for the Americas and has somehow gotten off the beaten path, but will soon find his way to you! Never settle for just anyone, because the young man that is lucky enough to get a Shouppe women, What can we say, he is lucky enough!! lol Love ya beyond words!!

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